Sport Recruiting Video

PME takes your homemade videos of your athlete and creates a highlight video of your high school and college sports which will assist prospective athletes to obtain college scholarships.

Sports Recruiting Videos

An athlete's video needs to make a strong first impression. 

Our videos provide a strong first impression and versatility in a concise and orderly format that features stop action and highlight arrows along with digital shading, leaving no doubt who and where the athlete is on the field or court.  College coaches have paid us the ultimate compliment.  Many have told us our videos make their job much easier.  In the last few years, coaches have been calling us looking for videos of athletes, some of whom have not been PME clients!   The coaches just wanted to see if we, by chance, had edited their video.  That says a lot about the work we do.  

The video package is a 2-5 minute video piece which entails coverage from 2-3 games. The footage is shot by PME Audio/Video or footage supplied by the athlete can be used. Once the games are shot, we will post edit for your review.

We offer two pricing structures for editing. You may have us go through the footage and choose the best plays, or you may give us the timecode of each play you would like to use. Either way, it is cut into the final piece which features the top 10 plays up front. You will receive 10 discs to deliver to your prospective scholastic or collegiate institution. You may also opt to include a highlight video for viewing online. This highlight video is for you to post on a profile page or email directly to recruiters.

Investment in the athlete by our producer is considerable. We are thrilled to contribute to their success.
Our staff can cover games located in San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County. Call us to review the two pricing structures that will give you a winning sports video. 760-439-0281
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Reasons you need a college recruiting highlight video…

A four year college education today can easily cost between $100,000 and $200,000. A recruiting video can save a student-athlete thousands of dollars and/or help him or her get into the school of choice. Thousands of full and partial scholarships are available from large Division I schools; Division II and III schools. They will also offer financial aid or preferred admission to a desirable student-athlete.

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