LPs, Audio Tape, 8 Track to Digital

  • Posted on: 24 April 2013
  • By: monkeydna
vinyl records to cd

Transferring vinyl records and audio cassettes to digital is not as simple as other companies might have you believe. There is much more to capturing vinyl records to CD or audio cassettes to CD than just using a softwares' "wizard" buttons. The technician needs to have a developed ear for that medium. There is an on going discussion, "which is better, vinyl or CD?" At PME we have our opinions but that can be left for another time. Our trained technicians know how to cull the sound of an LP out of a digital master. How you ask? Because we were there when LPs and audio tape were the only media sources available to the public, honestly! It takes a trained ear to recognize whether that pop or hiss was Jimi Hendricks' intention or a scratch to the record itself, or whether Glen Miller's trombone had intonation problems. You see, anyone today can transfer an LP to digital but if you're as concerned with the recording as the artist was who created it, then PME is the right choice. Benefits from choosing us to transfer your audio cassettes and records to CD:

  • High fidelity audio preserved for a lifetime
  • Convenience and portability - our CDs will play in cars, computers, home stereos
    and elsewhere
  • Full-color, original cover art on CD covers and CD labels
  • Multiple audio formats to choose from
  • Fast turnaround times: 1-4 business days for most orders
  • Optional custom labeling for CDs
  • Shipping for all orders, with a faster Priority option available
  • Super-simple ordering process - absolutely no hidden charges or fees
  • Custom or high-volume orders welcomed

 Here's a handy tape audio guide for your use.

Audio Tape ips